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All You Need To Know About California Fires

As the Las Padres National Forest in California burns and trees and bushes go up in flames the fire itself is going down in history for being the longest running fire in California since the state was founded. Of course Spanish Explorers did note in their ships log books the massive fires in California, so obviously these things occurred naturally before the state ever got so populated. The fire began on Labor Day and continues to burn and the fire fighters are telling the Television News Cameras that this is the fire that just will not quit, while more and more fire fighters come to help out in the blaze. A State of Emergency for county of Ventura in California has been issued by Arnold and the area burned is nearly four times the size of San Francisco already and it just keeps on going.  For more information, visit their website at California fires

Unfortunately, no rain has helped and the firefighters have seen both heat rise and expected to continue for the rest of the week, as well as possible Santa Ana Eastward winds. One of the images on the TV showed a 250-foot wall of fire and that is impossible to stop many concluded. The fire could end up costing 80 million dollars simply to fight, not including property damages. Citizens need to be careful to extinguish their cigarette butts, be on the look out for arson and call immediately if they see a lightning strike, which starts a fire. Consider all this in 2006.