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Benefits Of 3D Scanning Services

3D Laser scanning-also referred to as laser surveying-improves upon traditional surveying methods by delivering sharper data in a shorter period of time. Introduced in the late 90’s, laser scanners help several industries gather the data they need to carry out important projects. In this article, we look at four ways scanners benefit the architecture industry.check it out¬†for more info.

  1. Building security

In large buildings, building security requires a systematic approach that considers such things as: egress flow, building occupancy patterns, points of building access, and potential for security breaches. Scanners help building planners to assess these and other aspects of building security by producing 3D animation and graphic 3D computer modeling of the interior and exterior of a building.

  1. Building repair

Large buildings, especially ones with multiple elevations, can have exterior damage that escapes the eye. Scanners reveal this damage by surveying a building’s walls and roof areas from a distance. An excellent preventative maintenance measure, laser surveying can identify damage before it leads to more extensive damage that costs more to repair.

  1. Interior decoration modeling

With their editable data, the models produced by 3D scanners allow building planners to model interior decoration plans. Ideal for planning interiors in buildings that require an attractive interior to support revenue (e.g., hotels, spas, and clubs), interior decoration modeling allows building planners to present the interior of such buildings to potential investors. Once a virtual interior is designed, it can be animated to offer a virtual tour presentation.

  1. Land terrain modeling

When used for land surveying, scanners offer accurate, precise data that allows building planners to envision and execute various terrains. From terrains that surround office buildings to terrains that compose golf courses, landscaping experts can use editable scan models to produce exact results. Scanning also allows terrains to be maintained by comparing their present data to their original data.

Other uses for 3D laser scanning

In addition to serving the architecture industry, laser surveying also serves law enforcement agencies, who use it for crime and accident scene recreation; engineering firms, who use it for engineering and reverse engineering; preservation societies, who use it to preserve heritage objects; and construction companies, who use it for building site modeling.

Buying scan equipment versus hiring a scan service

If you need scanning and you don’t own scanners, you have two options: buy your own equipment, or hire a 3D scanning services provider. If you require scanning on a frequent basis, buying your own equipment may be the best option. But if your scan needs are infrequent, using a scan service is more cost effective. To learn more about how scanners can benefit your business, call a scan service today.