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Block Paving Design- Baltimore Paving Pros

Block paving became a big thing in Britain and Ireland in the 1980s. Then the choice for block paved driveways was relatively straightforward. One could make a choice between clay bricks or concrete blocks in a handful of colors. However, today the technology has advanced, and the market has become more developed and sophisticated, and we are spoilt for choice today. This has become very confusing as well to all those who are venturing for the first time for their driveways Sittingbourne. To assist you, we provide some tips and advice to get a perfect block paving driveway in front of your house.Concrete or Clay
The very first thing that you need to decide is between concrete or clay paving slabs Sittingbourne. Concrete slabs are quite cheap, provides numerous texture and shape options and comes in highly accurate sizes. However, their colors fade over time, and their aggregate too can become exposed over time. Clay, on the other hand, is more expensive in comparison; are extremely hardwearing; colors are fade resistant and even patterned paving slabs Kent are available.

Selecting the color
The color is the most important and apparent attribute of the block paving that will immediately register with any observer or looker for the first time. While any particular guide is lacking here, it is mostly chosen after considering the effect, the environment and surroundings will have on it; color matching scheme; the interplay of light and shade and of course personal taste. While choosing the color scheme, one must always go for complementary shades rather than the exact tone of the surroundings. It should blend well with its immediate environment, be it buildings, walls, gardens, landscapes, townscapes or any other factor that create the sensation of appropriateness. Observing the local area serves an excellent guide here.

Selecting the shape
Rectangular blocks have existed since ages, but for many, it is no longer inspiring for many. To break the monotony and keep up with the trends, they are available in different shape, interlocking and dentate blocks. These shapes not only look edgy bit also provide a higher degree of rotational interlock and can withstand heavy traffic much better than the standard rectangular shaped blocks. Apart from it, blocks are available in innumerable shapes though the most commonly used blocks for commercial projects are the W-shaped blocks as well as the S-shaped blocks. However, these are rarely used for driveways or patios construction. Often these commercial pieces are expensive and manufactured on order.

For driveways and patios, the most common shapes that are in demand are the hexagons like the pentagons, octagons; parallelograms, keyhole shapes, fans and even few shapes defying definition.

Based on the surrounding and the house an appropriate style of block paving is selected. For instance, a modern, chamfered, block paving may not complement well a 17th-century old cottage, or an antique style may not be ideal for a petrol pump. Thus the right selection of the style is paramount. Some if the leading forms most commonly used are –Baltimore Paving Pros

-The Standard Rectangular
-Distressed or Tumbled
-Textured or Decorative
-Varied non-rectangular shapes
-Special applications

Each has its aesthetic appeal, pros, and cons and can be selected appropriately after discussing with the paving expert. Finally, the finishing touches like sealing are given on your driveway or patio is ready to be the talk of the town.