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Car Accidents Caused By Bad Roads

Car accidents that are caused by bad road conditions are a bit more complicated than to deal with than other types of accidents. Although equally damaging, vehicular accidents that result from other causes, such as driving while intoxicated, are a lot easier to resolve.Do you want to learn more? Visit read the full article

In an accident which resulted from drunk driving, the one at fault is quite obvious. If the person did not engage in drinking before driving then the accident would not have taken place. On the other hand, this is not the case with an accident that was caused by improperly maintained or poorly paved roads. The responsibility is really not clear in such cases.

Poor Roads as Hazards

Roads should be well-maintained and be kept safe for motorists. That’s not always the case however, because some roads are in a bad state of disrepair and just have overall poor conditions. The driver should always be ready for such cases in which the road is so bad that driving over it can be a threat.

Who Is Responsible?

Roads are maintained by the government through various agencies and sometimes private entities. Normally these parties are protected against any damages caused by accidents on the road that they maintain. That protection was put in place so that these parties could do their work without the threat of getting sued by anyone who falls into an accident while using the road that they have built or maintained.

There are certain cases though when this protection does not apply. The most important of which is when the party responsible for the maintenance of a road is aware of a problem with it and does nothing. When an accident takes place because of that condition then the party will be held liable.

Getting an Experienced Lawyer

If you or your family becomes involved in a car accident and you feel that it was caused by the road condition more than anything else, then you should get an experienced lawyer. A lawyer who has dealt with such cases before will check the following details:

  • Whether the accident is really linked to the condition of the road.
  • If there are any accidents that has happened in the scene of the current mishap.
  • If there is a complaint about the road condition on that location. This should come from the citizens living in the area or from people who pass by there.
  • Whether there are any documents or proof showing that authorities are aware of the condition that caused the accident.

Road Conditions That Causes Accidents

There are many conditions that can cause accidents. Things like potholes for example are quite common but in some cases they can cause some serious damage. Poor road drainage for example can lead to flooding or hydroplaning which can lead to some very serious accidents as well.

The important thing in these cases is that it should be proven that the parties are aware of the poor condition of the road under their care, yet they did nothing about it. That is the main thing that would have to be proven. That would mean that their negligence has directly resulted in the accident.