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Facility Services Moraga CA – Essential Info

Facility services offer many different cleaning and maintenance services to their customers. Many people who have not had an occasion to hire facility services before may not be completely sure of what types of services these companies have to offer.Facility Services Moraga CA offers excellent info on this.

Facility services usually include office cleaning services. The simple daily tasks of sweeping, emptying the trash, vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning of the bathroom facilities in the building. They also offer the cleaning that happens on weekly and monthly. As a business owner you simply have to get with the facility services manager and talk to them about what cleaning your offices require, and how frequently they are required. This will also be the time to discuss whether or not you want to use all green cleaning supplies, or if there are preferences you have in supplies that are used.

These companies usually offer window washing as one of their services. You have to work out the details of how frequently you will need your windows cleaned.

Some companies offer hard floor surface maintenance and even hard floor surface restorations services.

Carpet care is one of the common types of services these companies provide.

They frequently do restorations to office interiors after the offices have been damaged by fires or a flood.

They can be hired to move the furniture in the building or to come set the furniture up when it is delivered.

They often offer lawn and landscaping services. These services will include snow management and ice management in areas that have problems with walkways becoming icy and dangerous.

They often do confidential document destruction for companies. This means they will bring in large shredders and shred the documents, and then dispose of the shredded remains properly. They are completely confidential about these types of services.

You can count on some of the companies to provide training programs, and consulting services, as well as contract management services.

These companies are there to help you look after all of the details of owning and operating a business. They take care of the day to day details like cleaning and managing the exterior of the building so that you can take care of the things you know how to do best.

These services are offered for all types of office buildings, automotive dealerships, manufacturing facilities, sporting venues, financial institutions, educational facilities, resorts, hotels, motels, restaurants, food service locations, health care facilities, and retail stores.