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Guide On Drug & Alcohol Rehab Gaithersburg

As per addiction professionals, you may have a substance use disorder and require treatment at a drug rehab if you experience at least two of the following symptoms: You may want to check out Alcohol Rehab Gaithersburg for more.

-You’ve been told that you have health issues due to your alcohol or drug use, but you continue to use or drink.

-You experience withdrawal symptoms upon stopping.

-You use or drink in dangerous circumstances like while driving.

-You need larger amounts to feel an effect.

-You’ve given up hobbies or important activities in favor of alcohol or drug use.

-You continue to use even though other individuals have expressed concern, or your relationships with others have been strained.

-You experience cravings.

-Your alcohol or drug use has impacted your social responsibilities, school or work.

-You spend a lot of time either acquiring alcohol or drugs, or recovering from them.

-You have tried to cut down before but were unsuccessful.

-You use more alcohol or drugs than you would like to.

Treatment cost

The cost of drug rehab varies from program to program.

-Inpatient programs are often more expensive than outpatient programs.

-Private, luxury and executive rehabs tend to be highly expensive.

-Health insurance can be used to reduce the cost of rehab by covering some or all of the costs.

-Programs that are low-cost or free are generally non-profit organizations or government-funded and necessitate that you show considerable monetary need.

Paying for treatment program without insurance

You are available with the following payment options if you do not have insurance:

-Payment plan – Start by asking the treatment center if they offer a payment plan, which lets you pay for your treatment a little bit at a time.

-Use a health care credit card – Health care credit cards let you finance health care costs at lower interest rates and make monthly payments.

-Ask friends and family for help – You can borrow from family or friends.

-Borrow from a savings account or 401 (k) – Consider borrowing money from a personal savings or retirement account.

Keep in mind that while the cost of drug rehab may seem overwhelming, the cost of drug addiction over time usually far exceeds the cost of treatment.