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How to Train Your Dog-An Info

Wouldn’t you like if your dog greeted you nicely? This is an article that explains how to train your dog to greet you very easily. You will learn how to properly train your dogs to greet you and how to handle excited dogs when you get home. When you get home from work or from being out, and when you walk in the front door, you do not look at your dog. You talk to him and you don’t touch him. First thing you do when you get home; usually your dog will be super excited. He ‘ll be really happy to see you, and he’s wagging his tail and licks you. The worst thing you could possibly do is pet him at night. If you pet him, that means you want him to be more excited.Read this page.

So every time you come home he is going to be more excited and more excited, until he is out of control. He won’t obey you. So you get home and walk through. You let him sniff you and you walk ahead of him. You ignore him and you put your keys down. You do a couple of little things; give him two or three minutes until the dog is more calmed and relaxed. When he is in that state, then you can come over and pet him.

He should not get any affection if he is doing something wrong and not even from your friends when they are coming over unless they are in your state of mind. Affection to a dog means “please do more of this”. So if he is attacking a dog and you pull him to you and say “no, no, no”, and then you pet him, it means attack more dogs. That’s exactly how they understand it. It might seem a little mean no to pet your dog when you get home, but be certain that they will thank you later for it and you will have a much more obedient and healthy dog.