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Is Your Tree Dying?-Insights

Not many realize how important the tree bark really is to the tree’s survival. Not only does it serve as its skin, it is also responsible for transporting minerals and nutrients from the roots to the other parts of the tree such as the branches and the leaves. Aside from this, the bark also serves as protection for the phloem, which is basically the tree’s equivalent to the human circulatory system. Damaging the bark can be hazardous to the tree’s health, as it leaves it unprotected from plant diseases. In order to protect the tree’s protective skin, it is necessar to be properly educated on how to repair damaged tree bark.this article on tree health from

The first method of how to repair damaged tree bark is strapping the detached section of the bark in order to prevent the tree from dying prematurely. Once the bark has been damaged, the portion that had been removed has to be found as immediate as possible so that the injury can be repaired. The removed part is then reattached using duct tape to completely cover the whole injured area. The affected spot has to be guarded every day for signs of infection that might result from cold temperature and exposure to rain. After a period of 12 weeks, the tape can be removed from the repaired bark.

If one is not able to find the removed part of the bark, the second way of how to repair damaged tree bark is to shape the affected area. This is done by cutting the affected area clean in order to speed up the tree’s natural healing ability. First, an oval shape is cut around the damaged spot using a knife, with the oval’s top and bottom points touching those of the injury. Application of any kind of unorthodox and unauthorized tree medication must be avoided as these may only cause more harm than good and would just retard the tree’s healing process. The wound must be frequently examined and insects that might dwell in the injured area should be warded off to prevent further infection. The tree should recover in about 2 or 3 months, but if this does not happen, a professional tree surgeon should be called in to perform more elaborate and effective means of repairing the bark.

Each part of the tree has a significant part to play, and its bark is no less an essential component for its continued existence. It is important to learn how to repair damaged tree bark, not just for the sake of the trees, but for our own as well. For everything in nature is connected after all, and ensuring the survival of the tree ensures the survival of the human race and that of the Earth itself.