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Knifeless Tape-At A Look

Customize The Look of Your Car With Vehicle Wraps

What are vehicle wraps? Vehicle wraps are vinyl sheets with a coat of laminate that are printed on and cut according to your instructions to fully or partially cover your vehicle. Many people use these sheets to customize the look of their car either to advertise a particular product or service or just to “pimp” their ride. Vehicle wraps are one of the most effective forms of advertising because it effectively targets a larger and more specific audience.Have a look at knifeless tape for more info on this.

What it looks like

When installed or applied properly, it will look the same as if you had taken your car to a detailing shop to have it painted. The difference of course, is that you will not be paying as much, as vehicle wrapping costs significantly less than a paint job.

How long it will last

Vehicle wraps are made from some of the finest materials (read: durable) and will last anywhere from two to seven years as long as you keep your vehicle properly maintained. Although they do last that long, they can be removed upon request if you suddenly decide that you no longer want it or just fancy a new design.


The cost of vehicle wraps vary from one vehicle wrapping company to another but on average, it is still more affordable than other advertising methods. Consider the type of graphics that you want and the size of the vehicle that you are applying said graphics to. The best way to determine the cost is to request a quote, which some vehicle wrapping companies offer for free as long as you visit their websites.


Having a vehicle wrap can not only improve the look of your vehicle, but it can also serve as a moving billboard if you are running any type of operation or business. Instead of having your business/company name plastered next to the competition (as is the case with billboards), you can choose to advertise on the go. Who can resist looking at car parked next to them? Even when you are driving, it is a safe bet that you are checking out vehicles that zoom by, with their amazing graphics and cool logos.

Personal expression

Not only can you change the entire color of your car, or add stylish graphics to it, but you can also take this vehicle wrapping project as a way to express your creative self. The challenge, of course is to come up with a design that is unlike any other that you may have seen before.


Unlike like getting your car repainted, having a car wrap installed will cost less, especially if you have a limited marketing budget to consider. It will also give you a solid return on investment, given how mobile advertising reaches more customers at lower costs.