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Lead Generation – SEO – Article Marketing

When I first started with internet marketing I didn’t have a clue of what I was doing. For the longest time I figured that if I posted relevant enough information about a certain topic, it would get on the front page of Google. Unfortunately, very quickly I learned that I was so far from the truth, that it was scary how naive I could have been. It just showed me that I had a lot to learn.You may want to check out local client takeover for more.

I went online and started looking up for ways to get on the front page of Google and I learned a little bit about SEO (search engine optimization). The very first thing that I had to learn was to focus whatever kind of media a was creating, to a specific audience, using the right keywords.

Using the right keywords means using the right words, in the right order to match what my audience is looking for. The whole process, from brainstorming ideas to actually finding the right keyword or keywords is called Keyword Research. Even though it may seem pretty simple at the beginning it is probably the most important part of any SEO effort. Here is why.

There are two main ways to get traffic to your site, the first one is paid, the other is free. Since I am in no hurry to spend my hard-earned money, I am going to go with the free one. So, how do I get free traffic to my site? The answer is very simple, through search engines, like Google or Yahoo.

The whole idea about SEO is to make the content in your site relevant to a topic or keyword to make sure that search engines find your content and place it in their first page when some types that keyword or key phrase in the search engines search box.

If you are just beginning and you want to target, let say “weight loss” you are going to find that you might as well spend the rest of your life trying to rank in that keyword and even then you may not reach page one. Why is that? Because that market is so saturated that unless you have some heavy leverage or a huge cash flow, your odds are not that good.

You would be competing directly with companies that have teams that are paid a salary to run their online marketing campaigns and they have a monthly budget for that purpose alone that is probably bigger than your whole year’s salary times ten. Do you get the point? There is no point in you wasting your time targeting unreachable keywords, so stay within a range that is attainable and reasonable for your resources.

The first thing to look at when you area doing keyword research is the volume of the searches. I personally like using Google’s own keyword tool, which you can find by typing keyword tool in Google’s search box. Once you run the query for the keyword that you want look at the Global volume, anything less than 100 I consider not worth it since their isn’t enough traffic coming from such keyword to justify the effort. Yes, you are going to rank first, but it doesn’t matter because no one is going to be looking at your content.

Then you are going to look at competition. Anything that has a full bar, stay away from. Not that it is impossible to rank, but it won’t be easy. I try to keep it a less than three quarters.

The last thing you are going to do is to look at the number of back links that each of the first 10 sites have. You can do this by using one of several tools. I have used Market Samurai, Cherry Picker, or SEO Quake, but I am sure that there are hundreds of other tools that will serve the purpose. The higher the number of back links the harder it will be to rank, I try to stay below 500 and I really jump at anything below 20.

As you can see getting the right keyword is not just a matter of finding something that people are interested in, but finding something that has enough traffic to justify the effort, something that has moderate or low competition and a keyword where the sites that are currently ranking 1-10 don’t have unreasonable amount of back links.