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Mold in the Residential Home

Water damage alone can create thousands of dollars worth in repair and replacement costs. Consider the damage done if the water isn’t cleared properly or quickly enough! If moisture is left unattended in a building with an ideal environment, molds will grow!  By clicking here we get info about  this post

What are molds?

Molds are part of a group of organisms, including mushrooms and yeast, that are microscopic fungi. Mold is highly adaptable in to its environment and able to reproduce very rapidly! While some molds are useful, such as penicillin, the mold found growing inside homes can cause structural damage and cause serious health issues for individuals residing in the home.

Mold can be found everywhere. They can always be found in the air outside and in all buildings. Mold can enter a residence in many different ways; on clothing, pets or objects brought in. Mold can also enter though open windows or doors. Generally this is not something to be concerned about, it is only when mold begins to grow inside the home that one need be concerned.

How Can You Tell If It Is Mold and What To Do?

Some mold presence is unmistakable, you can see it. Other times however, the mold is hidden. In these situations, there is usually some initial indicator that hidden mold is present such as a musty odor, water damage or discoloration. You may need to hire a professional to detect and remove mold that is hidden behind drywall etc. Small areas of mold can be cleaned without professional aid.

Whenever you are dealing with mold, be sure to take the proper safety precautions! Always wear a disposable dust mask (3M 8210 or equivalent), goggles or safety glasses and household rubber gloves. Bleach is not a recommended treatment for cleaning mold. A simple solution of water and dishwashing detergent or baking soda is highly effective. Scrub the moldy area with your cleaning solution then wipe with a slightly damp sponge or cloth quickly and dry immediately. Once completed, vacuum the entire area as well as adjoining areas with a vacuum cleaner that has a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. Infants and very small children or family members with serious health issues should not be in or near the work area or adjacent room.