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Regular Air Duct Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your chimney and air ducts is of great significance especially in the presence of kids, senior citizens and people who suffer from respiratory illnesses, lung diseases, asthma and allergies. If the duct system is filled with dust, pet hair, toys, construction debris etc, the ducts will contaminate the air. If the ducts are not clear, it will eventually result in air pollution indoors. It’s worth mentioning here that we spend most of our time indoors. Research studies have indicated that the air inside the home tends to be 70% more polluted than the outdoor.Read what he said recommended regular cleaning.

-Keep the Air Clean and Restore Capacity of Your Air Duct System

On regular intervals can, therefore, help you keep the air clean and fresh inside the home while restoring capacity of the duct system and lessening the run time. Children are more vulnerable than adults and, hence, stand at a higher risk of being affected if the indoor air is polluted. They breathe faster and inhale more air. Furthermore, being small they are closer to the ground where concentrations are higher.

-Towards a Clean and Healthy Home!

Needless to say, this is crucial to keeping the home clean and the indoor air fresh and pollution free. Even a 0.42″ buildup of dust, dirt and other debris can significantly reduce the heating or cooling capacity of the air duct system by up to 21%. Keeping the ducts clean and free from any kind of debris is essential to ensuring the smoke is channeled out of your fireplace perfectly and thoroughly.