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Sterile compounding methods – Basics

One of the most important parts of the medical field is the use of a compounding pharmacy. This is a part of the medicinal world that few people know anything about. These places are staffed with licensed pharmacy technicians with knowledge and intense training in the field of medicine. They have studied to learn about different drugs that help people to get better with as little invasion into their body as possible.

A compounding pharmacy is responsible for creating mixtures of drugs that are all used simultaneously in each patient. They are carefully measured, mixed into a single vial and properly labeled with both color coding and bold font to give as little chance of a mistake while in use as possible. Compound pharmacy staff have been working on ways to keep doctors and nursing staff up with the latest drugs for all the ailments out there.Read this blog.

The staff at compounding pharmacy institutes are continuously working with the chemicals that are used in anesthesia. When using a single drug whether it be a gas or a liquid intravenous injection it is important that the patient get the exact amount of each compound used to give the least amount of complications during surgery. With so many people developing allergies to drugs it is important to keep them away from those that can harm them. The special labeling is one of the ways the compound pharmacy staff make this possible.

Another thing that compound pharmacy technicians do is to create mixtures that help to stave off diseases like AIDS. Those who suffer with a complicated illness such as this need to take several drugs in an attempt to repair the damage the disease has caused. Many different substances need to be taken at once. Most of them are more effective when injected. The compounds they create that include all the drugs into one syringe are made, packaged and labeled for hospital and physician use.

Because in places like trauma units and the ER in the hospital life saving drugs are necessary on a daily basis. The compound admixtures that compounding pharmacy technicians create are already packaged in sterile syringes and placed singly into their sanitized package. The packaging is carefully wrapped so it is easy to tell if there has been any tampering of it. In this way the exact chemical mix is available in one tube making it unnecessary to take the time to use more than one needle. The mixture is specially processed and stocked in the ER medical facility for use in emergencies. These are great things they do and their efforts have saved hundreds of lives.