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The Art Of Welding – Introduction

Did you know that welding is used pretty much everywhere today? Anywhere you look around you, at home or outside, there are things that in order to be created, needed the process of welding. Just think of ship buildings, bridges, power plants, historical monuments, refineries and even jewelry pieces. Welding is a manufacturer activity, but not only that. It is widely used nowadays in pretty much any work and hobby related activity. In a nutshell, when you are welding, you are joining various pieces of metal, plastic and other material types together. While forge was the initial process introduced many years ago, newer welding style came to be in the 20th century. Later on newer equipment has been introduced with the latest technological advancements. Mig and tig welding technology comes to mind here.

Nowadays there are many new and modern tools and accessories used in welding along with various welding equipment that is created based on the latest technology. Currently you can find welding used in consumable, as well as in non-consumable electrode methods. In the consumable electrode methods we can find techniques such as flux cored and submerged arc welding, shielded metal and gas metal arc welding. The non-consumable type has techniques included such as gas tungsten, atomic hydrogen and plasma arc. Visit them at to get additional information.

When it comes to actual products, you can find stick and submerged arc products, mig, tic, wire feeders, multi process units and spot welders, along with water coolers. In addition you will find various plasma cutters that are also doing plasma gouging. The actual welders models are tig welder, mig welder, aluminum welder, metal and steel welder and reconditioned welder. As you can see, there are a wide variety of welding machines, equipment and accessories available and if you want to learn the craft, there are plenty of places online where you can get started with it.