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Trucking Statistics-An Overview

A 2008 study revealed that the top two reasons for fatal accidents involving large trucks and passenger vehicles involved failure to keep in the proper lane and speeding. Though these statistics may seem obvious, it is a necessary warning to all drivers that fatal accidents can occur in simple driving situations. The sheer size and speed of any accident involving an 18-wheeler creates the potential for devastating results and damages.this article has some nice tips on this.

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Drivers of passenger vehicles must be highly aware of the actions of semi-trucks in order to avoid accidents. The third most common contributing factor to fatal accidents with large trucks is inattention by truck drivers. Considering the long hours and hundreds of miles that truck drivers undergo as part of their employment, passenger vehicle drivers need to be observant for signs of a distracted truck driver. Visibility of other vehicles is already limited by the large blind spots on many trucks, and inattentive driving simply adds to the risk of an accident.

To avoid accidents involving improper lane changing and failure to stay in the proper lane, it is important for passenger vehicles to allow proper spacing between themselves and all larger vehicles. If you do need to pass an 18-wheeler, observe the motion of the truck and be sure to avoid situations where there is no way to escape a dangerous lane change. Also, it is crucial to recognize the speed of approaching vehicles. Because of the size of large trucks, they are unable to decelerate as quickly as a passenger vehicle. Make sure to give a truck ample time and space to respond to your speed or change in speed.